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Setauket Preschool Setauket Presbyterian Preschool Testimonials

"...My wife and I are very grateful for Setauket Presbyterian Preschool.  Any concerns we had as parents enrolling a child in preschool for the first time were quickly alleviated when we realized how incredible the staff at SPP is.  Our son happily ran up “the hill” to a talented and diligent educator who greeted each student with a genuine smile every morning and every afternoon, we were happy to hear all about the center-based play, art-projects, songs, and stories he partook in.  During his two years at SPP, we saw great leaps in our son’s independence, confidence, and social skills; he was surrounded by wonderful classmates and made friendships we hope will last for years to come.  This school is full of kindness and compassion and gave our son a terrific first learning experience and while we will miss it, we know he’s well prepared for kindergarten. SPP truly is the place to be!"


     Kyle, Sayville 


"...Setauket Presbyterian Preschool has been a first step in both of my kids' education. It provides a warm, friendly and very personable environment. Teachers are amazing!  They provide an atmosphere where each child wants to learn, participate, and express themselves as little individuals and is excited to go there. 


Thank you Setauket Presbyterian Preschool for being a solid base for my kids' educational pathway!"

      Vlada, Setauket

    "...For a first experience with school and separation from Mom/Dad, Setauket Presbyterian Preschool is the most loving, supportive and accepting environment for a child.  The teachers have a genuine interest in getting to know and appreciate each and every child.  Those little ones who needed extra "hugs' received them and those who were "ready to go" were encouraged to do so.  All four of my children were perfectly ready and prepared for Kindergarten after attending Setauket Presbyterian."

      Kathleen, Stony Brook

      "...We are in our second year at Setauket Presbyterian Preschool and I can truly say I am happy to have chosen this school for my children. The teachers are engaged and approachable and the day is a healthy blend of play and learning. I was told when we began that the school is like a family and I have seen that myself. So thankful to be a part of it! "


      Jessica, Setauket

      "...the classroom is vibrant and filled with lovely areas for the children to learn and play in.  My children smile each time they walk in the door.  If someone were to ask me to suggest a preschool program, I would certainly recommend  Setauket Presbyterian most enthusiastically."


      Beth, Setauket


  " daughter's two years at Setauket Presbyterian were phenomenal...they encompassed everything she needed to set her up to thrive in Kindergarten.  Her continued success now, I truly feel, is due in large part to the foundation that she received from being part of the program."


      Christine, Miller Place  

     "...the teachers believe in your children and bring out the best in them, allowing them to shine and rejoice in their individuality.  I appreciate that most of all.  Setauket Presbyterian Preschool wasn't merely a choice for my family, it was a gift to us."


      Agnes, Setauket 

    "...the aspect of the program that we enjoyed the most and will cherish always was the time I spent as the helper.  Our family has a very hectic schedule, but setting aside those few days to spend only with my daughter was priceless.  Thank you for your hard work, dedication and for making these preschool years so wonderful for our family."

      Kristen, Setauket


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